Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mia gracie

On a Friday night in early September I got to meet a little girl who I've prayed for since the day I knew she had a heartbeat.

Which I just happen to have a picture of! :) She's a bit of a miracle baby and we celebrated each milestone as she grew  inside my sweet sister Jessica. So you can imagine that her birth was kinda a big deal!
I arrived at the hospital with my sisters about 9 a.m. and we spend the next 10 hours in pre-baby bliss. Well me, Stephanie & Emily did...Jess was in labor. Poor thing. So nice of her to carry and birth sweet Mia for us. :) Jess really was amazing...she made it look easy, and made me want another one which didn't please my husband. But back to sweet Mia...I wasn't the only one anticipating her arrival.
Once Jess got to the final stages of labor they called the rest of the family...and we packed out the waiting room.
You see this wasn't just any baby being born. This was a baby that we never knew for sure would come...
and when she did, so did the tears.
I'll never forget that day. Or the journey walked beside my sister that brought us to sweet Mia.
We serve a God who redeems, who brings beauty from the ashes... that is never more evident then when I look at my precious little niece and her momma & daddy. God had a plan bigger than we could have dreamed for Jess & Nate's young marriage. I can't wait to see what he has in store for their beautiful new family!
Welcome to the world sweet Mia Grace!
Your name means, "longed for child" and it couldn't be more true.