Thursday, April 19, 2012

a rock collection

Life as a momma of 3 is full of moments. Crazy moments, funny moments, stressful moments and my favorite - those special moments when you wish you could freeze time and remember that exact moment forever. A few years ago we started a rock collection with our family. Our daughter Ella had begun collecting rocks and I was finding them all over the house. I decided to put some purpose to the madness and asked her if she could remember where the rocks were from. If she did she could write the name of the location on the rock with a sharpie and save it in a jar. I thought I was simply "organizing" her collection - she turned it into a beautiful tradition.

On our next outing she instinctively grabbed a rock to take home. When we got home she handed me the warm rock that she had been tightly holding the whole ride home and said, "Here mommy, I wanna save this rock because it reminds me of my special date with you today". That was a "wanna freeze time" moment, and I realized that she had been grabbing random rocks from what I thought were random places not just for the sake of filling her pockets but as tangible reminders of moments. Pretty sure it was in that exact moment my heart both melted and I realised that my little girl is already wise beyond her years.

We now have 3 mason jars that house the kids "rock collection" of memories. We're mastering the art of finding "that perfect stone". For Ella it has a shimmer of pink in it somewhere, for Mason the bigger the better, and for Will it's all about logic - where will he write the memory on it? Whenever the kids add to our rock collection we write the date on one side and the memory on the other...they say everything from "Mexico 2011" to "date with daddy" on them. Little tangible reminders of beautiful moments.

  1. I love seeing their little jars fill up with rocks - in one way it's a visual of beautiful moments we're creating as a family. However, I am also keenly aware that it's also a visual of half full jars. Jars that only hold so much space. Space that I equate to time with my little blessings. I get one shot at filling their little lives with special moments. Moments where they feel loved, cherished, valued, and safe. Seeing their mason jars is a constant reminder to me to make my time with them count....the jars are a beautiful reminder of the past and a constant reminder to make the most of each day....thus begins my bloggin journey into putting words and pictures to these random, but beautiful moments that I never want to forget...welcome to my world.

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  1. I found your blog! Looking forward to following along and keeping up with your family. I'd love to get together one of these days.... :)