Thursday, August 16, 2012

back to school

My three little ones headed back to school yesterday after a wonderful summer together. We packed this summer full - and my only regret is not having a lot of "down time". Thankfully we tried to be intentional with how we did spend our time and made lots of family memories. Let's just say I didn't hear the words, "I'm bored!!" very often this summer. :)

Will is my kind and uber-responsible oldest child. The thing I argue with him the most about are "rules" and it's usually because he thinks that I'm breaking them! :) We are blessed that his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Bergstedt, is looping up to 4th with her class from last year! She is the first teacher Will has ever had that really pushes him to reach his full potential and I love that!! Academics come fairly easy to him - let's just say he has his daddy's mind. Praying that his love for reading continues to grow this year and that he will continue to grow into the young man God designed him to be.

Ella is my strong, fiercely independent, creative, "little momma". It's hard to believe she's going to be in 2nd grade already. She's thrilled to have Mrs. Mast for her teacher, and I've already told Mrs. Mast that she is an answer to our prayers.Learning is not the reason Ella goes to school - recess is! :) She is our social butterfly and I think Mrs. Mast will be a great fit for her this year - I watcher her in 2nd grade when Will had her and she has a knack for making learning fun. Exactly what my sweet little Ella needs! Praying Ella learns to use her natural leadership gifts appropriately and not just to "be the boss", and that God would continue to reveal himself to her in real and tangible ways.

And then there's my snuggle bunny Mason. He is the most affectionate little guy I've ever met. He will not hesitate to give me 10 kisses in a row before he goes to play in another room in the house! We've decided to home school him for Kindergarten this year and I'm thrilled to get to pour some one-on-one time into him. He's creative and incredibly detailed. Not to mention smart - the way that boys mind works stops me in my tracks sometimes. I think (and hope and pray) that homeschooling him is the perfect fit for this year. He didn't seem socially ready to be gone all day, and I don't regret the years I home schooled Will & Ella for a second. They were challenging at times but those were days I'll never get back and I cherish them. Praying that Mason learns that God is always him, even when I'm not, and that he can find comfort and strength in that.

I'm excited to get organized and get back into a routine. Sometimes I think it's easier for me to be an intentional momma when I have a schedule. I want to make the hours I have with these little ones count. I want them to know they are loved - and not only by me but also by the Father who created them and has big plans for their little lives.

Asking God to shape my days and my heart - I have so far to go to be the wife and momma he wants me to be...

I'm a work in progress - and committed to the process.

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