Thursday, August 16, 2012

paper bag puppets

I'm still waiting on Mason's Kindergarten curriculm to arrive in the mail, so school hasn't officially started for him yet. We have however attempted to do fun crafts and read lots of books.
Today he wanted to make puppets out of paper bags & I thought I'd teach him how.

He complained the whole time I was making the puppet and refused to make his the same way. He kept saying, "I already know how!!!". Fully realizing that how he makes his paper bag puppet really doesn't matter I decided to let him do it however he wanted instead of insisting he use the googly eye stickers (which I thought would be a big hit, but he wasn't interested in). I half anticpated him getting half way through and realising it was harder than it looked and asking for help. Boy was I wrong! 

He started making his and I quickly realised that he indeed did have his own idea in mind...and to be honest it makes mine look silly. Why do I think I have all the answers? Why did I think there was a "right way" to make a puppet?

Here we are with our completed puppets....

Yep. Mason's is the really good one on the left with a whole body and a fun head that bobbles when you stick your hand inside. Mine is the weird one on that right with giant red lips and squiggly hair.

Humbled by my kindergartener this morning.

Not sure who's gonna learn more this year....Mason or me. :)

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