Monday, September 3, 2012

12 adults... 19 kiddo's


I love sitting around a campfire and this Labor Day Weekend we spent every evening under the stars around this fire. We were invited to camp with 5 other families at Twin Mills...that meant 12 adults and 19 little ones...not including the 2 infants on the trip. To say we were outnumber was an understatment!

One afternoon I found all the kids sitting in a circle in our camper. It was so sweet to watch as the older ones organized a game of "would you rather"... I was so impressed with the way they kept the little ones attention. It was neat to see the next generation working together and including everyone. I was a proud momma!!!

I snapped this pic one day after we biked down to the lake for a swim. 12 adults & 19 kids equals a lot of bikes!!! :) Love being part of a big group of families committied to living life together and raising our kiddo's to love the Lord.
At the lake the kids had a sand-castle building contest....boys vs. girls. Ella loved getting to spend the afternoon in the sand with GIRLS!!! So often she's surrounded by all boys and to have all these girls to play with was pure bliss for my sweet little Ella-Bella.
As were were packing up the kids took it upon themselves to "put out the fire"....which as you can imagine turned into a water fight. It was the perfect ending to a relaxing weekend with some great people. I'm not sure my kids have ever been dirtier than they were this weekend... but the smiles on their faces and the endless giggles were so worth it!! 
It was a weekend of simple favorite kind. :)

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